Tetra | 2021-11-16

DAMM delivers bridged TETRA solution to large refinery in Argentina

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

DAMM Cellular Systems A/S is proud to announce that they have successfully delivered a TETRA solution to the most modern refinery in Argentina.

The solution consists of three outdoor base stations connected to the existing conventional VHF system through a DAMM TetraFlex Group Bridge. The bridging solution is only temporary, however, as the company will be replacing the entire site with a DAMM solution.

Asked why they chose DAMM, the IT Technology Manager explained:

“We were looking for a cost-efficient decentralised solution with extensive technology features that would allow flexible migration and interconnection of existing systems. We found this with DAMM’s solution.”

Discussing other benefits of the DAMM solution, the IT Technology Manager described how the comprehensiveness of the network-wide surveillance features was an added bonus, and that they were impressed by the level of data and the reports they could obtain from the system such as generated Call Data Records (CDRs), radio channel occupancy reports and system congestion.

The project tender, which lasted a year, required close collaboration between DAMM System Partner OMT S.R.L. and DAMM Latin America. “Support from DAMM Latin America was essential to win this very complex tender, with numerous changes in scope which meant that we had to change the design of the network and the technological offer on several occasions,” says Manager-Owner at OMT, Gastón Hughes.

Maidy Aline Campos Vendito, Latin America Regional Sales Manager, confirms that the process was rather complicated, but emphasises that

“This success just proves the value of the close collaboration with our partners.”