Tetra | Lte | 2021-10-28

Rohill Cancels Critical Communications World 2021

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Rohill announced that the company will not participate in the CCW 2021 event that will take place next week in the city of Madrid.

On their new designed website, the company posted a clear statement on why they will skip Critical Commuications World 2021.

Rohill Statement

The motivation and policy from Rohill not to participate in the CCW 2021:

  • We consider the current Covid19 situation in the world not yet sufficient to invite our end-users, partners and dispatch our employees to an event with lots of international contacts and therefore with potential serious risks regarding Covid 19 infections. The situation today is still that the minority of the worldwide population is vaccinated, and concerns have been communicated regarding potential increases of Covid 19 infections during this autumn.
  • CCW 2022 is already scheduled for May in 2022 in Vienna, which is only half a year later then the event in November 2021. To our opinion the time between the 2 events is too short which will have impact on the total number visitors in this upcoming event. Provided circumstances allow we will focus on CCW 2022.
  • Rohill has expressed this view also to the TCCA and the Magellan Group with the request to avoid the situation of two CCW events in a short time frame.

Although Rohill regrets to miss an opportunity to meet their important customers, partners and relations the company believes that they have made a careful consideration regarding the participation as exhibitor in the CCW 2021 event.

In addition, Rohill said that it respects other positions and wishes the organization a successful event.