Norsat launches enhanced 5G interference products to mitigate terrestrial interference in C-Band

Source: Norsat

Norsat International Inc. part of the Hytera group of companies and a leading provider of innovative communication solutions that enable the transmission of data, audio and video for remote and challenging applications, today announced the launch of two new products in its 5G interference solution to further address issues of terrestrial interference within the C-Band spectrum.

The latest 5G interference products include: 1.The 3200-sBPF PLL LNB – Optimal for maritime terminal applications, this combines an LNB and a Band Pass Filter into a single compact form factor and can switch in and out the filtering between full and concatenated portions of the C-Band spectrum, allowing customers to use the full C-band when they are at sea and switch in the 5G filtering when they are close to shore. 2. The eBPF-C 5G Band Pass Filter – A high-performance band pass filter with a narrow guard band that is easy to install, environmentally sealed, and moisture resistant. Delivers additional 5G rejection for the 3200-BPF series of LNB and C-Band Band Pass Filters.