nCentric delivers wireless 5G LTE critical communication solution on Norther OHVS

Source: nCentric

nCentric, a company that develops products that interconnect multiple vessels (and shore) with a high speed ad-hoc self-forming mesh network, were recently requested to provide wireless access to the Norther OHVS, an offshore high-voltage station for Belgian Norther offshore wind farm. One of the main reasons to establish the network was to access to certain parameters coming from this OHVS towards onshore while the OHVS was not connected to the grid. These parameters can come from the SCADA systems, giving technical information about the OHVS or certain alarms, in case they would occur. These signals are then connected to the nCentric nodes, which themselves are wirelessly connected to the nCentric’s 5G LTE and Mesh network offshore.

This principle makes it possible to monitor the information onshore. The nCentric’s solution combines multiple frequencies giving the Norther OHVS a fully redundant solution. In the event one system fails due to loss of line of sight, the other system will take over in a seamless manner. Practically the Norther OHVS will be online and monitored through the nCentric solution even though it is not yet connected to the grid.