California radio firm provides radio repair for Johns Hopkins school of medicine at the onset of COVID-19 virus pandemic

Source: www.prweb.com

When the novel corona virus started wreaking havoc across the globe, the Facilities Management Department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine contacted Discount Two-Way Radio to help get the university’s two-way radio communications systems in top notch condition in anticipation of the impending pandemic. The School of Medicine’s Facilities Management Department is responsible for ensuring that all of the school’s building and medical equipment are safe to be able to support the institution’s mission of providing the best in patient care, education and research in the world. Specifically, the School of Medicine’s Facilities Department maintains everything relating to building and ground operations, electrical services, power plant, and business services. With a campus that covers 140 acres, the most efficient and reliable way to communicate is with two-way radio technology.

“Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Facilities Department selected Discount Two-Way Radio to repair their radios after a highly competitive vendor selection process,” said Ben Burns, Discount Two-Way Radio CEO and Founder. “We always pride ourselves on providing the fastest repair turn-around time in the industry, but we set a new record after repairing the University’s radios and getting them back in their hands in just three days,” said Burns.