APCO 2019: Zello makes enterprise-grade PTT service free to first responders

Source: Zello

Zello today announced that its enterprise-grade solution is now available at no cost to first responders, eliminating common challenges related to budget, inter-agency communication and radio coverage. The new offering is for non-profit based EMS workers, paramedics, firefighters, police, volunteer groups and more. The company made the announcement today at the 85th Annual APCO Conference, continuing its contribution for reducing barriers when saving lives.

“Our mission at Zello is to enable the power of the human voice, and first responders know better than anyone how crucial it is to have instant communication across teams and jurisdictions,” said Bill Moore, CEO of Zello. “The free version of Zello has been an essential tool for saving lives, and now the managed version is available without any hurdles to public safety organizations.”