Lte | 2021-04-27

Inrico Adds Video Streaming Features to Latest Version Push-to-talk APP

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Inrico, a global leading provider of professional wireless communications, has recently launched its latest 3.0 version Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) app to include versatile video streaming features.

The new features enable video calls, video recording, mobile surveillance, and multimedia content distribution; the dispatcher is able to visually monitor what’s happening in the field simultaneously via multiple windows at the dispatcher console and make better decisions to facilitate team collaboration and emergency handling.

Efficient Response with Video Calls

Inrico App 3.0 video call feature supports real-time two-way video communications between dispatchers and front-line personnel. Dispatchers can connect the front-line personnel through Inrico App 3.0 to understand the situation in real time; In case of emergency, the front-line personnel can start video streaming to the dispatching platform by pushing the terminal’s SOS alarm button.

Multi-window for Better Situational Awareness

Multi-window streaming is particularly important when monitoring and dispatching across different areas of the city and different sites of the emergency. Inrico App 3.0 supports up to 16 channels of streaming, which is convenient for dispatchers to monitor the scene in all directions and from multiple angles, give instructions and handle emergencies according to the real-time video. It greatly enhances the dispatchers’ situational awareness and facilitates decision making.'

Multimedia Distribution and Sharing

In law enforcement, the front-line personnel can upload video to the dispatching platform via the terminal, and the dispatcher can also upload video to the terminal, so that all of them are synced about what’s happening. After receiving the video, the dispatcher can distribute the video to the terminals across the team according to the development of events, so that the front-line personnel have shared understanding and perception of what they are running into.

Video Recording and Review

The dispatching console receives and stores all the video streamed or uploaded from the terminals. The admin can manage the video data following certain protocols. The video, as digital evidence, is very important for dispute resolution and even for court trials. For the police, court, prison and other government agencies with stringent information security requirements, Inrico App 3.0 is able to achieve interconnection through video gateways; Inrico also offers customized AES256 encryption solution across the system.