Frequentis launches financial results 2019 - Company continues to grow

Source: Frequentis

Frequentis continued to grow profitably in 2019 and the IPO in May 2019 was a milestone in the ongoing development of the company. At the same time, the long-term growth strategy was implemented consistently. For example, with its digital (remote) tower technology and in the area of drones, Frequentis has successfully made new technology usable and acquired the first relevant orders. The installed base business with established customers remains both the guarantor of Frequentis’ stability and its most important growth driver. More than 40% of revenues come from follow-on orders relating to installed systems and solutions. Around half of the installed base business comprised maintenance contracts. The remainder is split between new products and projects with established customers, established products sold to new customers and, to a small extent, consulting

Following a positive start to 2020 with a further increase in order intake, Frequentis’ aim is to raise revenues and order intake further in 2020. That said, the coronavirus pandemic entails risks for the current year. At present, it is not possible to make a reliable estimate of the impact on global growth, project acceptance, the supply chain, the budgets available and the potential postponement of investment – or the resulting effect on revenues and order intake