Lte | 2022-06-17

CCW 2022 | Abiom Launches Lifeline MCX Solutions at CCW, Vienna

Source: Abiom

Abiom is delighted to announce the launch of its ground-breaking new Lifeline solutions portfolio, purposefully designed to close the gap, and ease the migration, between present to future communications technology.

Lifeline MCX end-to-end solutions consists of the: MCX App, LTH-570 rugged handheld LTE device, bodycam, gateway and control room solutions.

Included within the platform are a variety of smart accessories that seamlessly communicate with the Lifeline MCX app.

Lifeline MCX solutions could literally save lives, as it's efficient fully connected systems dramatically decreases response times and processing times allowing targets to be better met.

Aimed at end users within: public safety and defence; healthcare; public transport; aviation and shipping, as well as wider industrial and commercial sectors. The Lifeline solutions portfolio offers critical communications through existing 4G/5G and has capacity to advance in line with technology. There is an easy to use and highly intuitive interface as well as cross contact to pre-existing narrowband communication systems and users.

Designed and developed in-house by the Abiom team, part of the Mission Critical Solutions Group (MCSG) allows Lifeline MCX to be agile and responsive to customer requirements, ensuring that future product roadmaps are reflective of both customer and market demands.

Lifeline MCX was developed to surpass the varied and extensive needs of the end users. The specifications being determined through a combination of collaborating closely to those end users, extensive research and countless years of experience within the Lifeline team. At every stage of development it has been imperative that the Lifeline team takes account of the challenges faced when deploying critical communication infrastructures thereby ensuring the highest quality solution possible. The key messages from the end users at all points along the journey have been in terms of reliability, speed and security but we didn’t stop there: a wealth of additional functionality makes the Lifeline MCX solutions adaptable and flexible.

“I am beyond excited to be introducing the innovative and forward looking Lifeline MCX solutions to the market. I am incredibly proud that the team have succeeded to create a solution which meets the range of functionality that people have been demanding for years. Bas de Grood, CEO of MCSG, who went on to add…

“At Abiom we listened to the users, recognising the need to match capacity to demand and have relentlessly strived to close the gap between current and future communications technology. Without question Lifeline achieves this and more.”

Jens Thostrup, Board member at Abiom explains “Customers across the Netherlands have been benefiting from the successful deployment of Lifeline end-to-end solutions for over a year now, and we thought it only fair to enable users across the globe to take advantage of this world leading solutions package. Therefore, in partnership with a trusted partner network, our strategy is to launch all elements of the solution worldwide!”