Lte | 2022-01-11

PCTEL Announces the Addition of the Gflex™ Scanning Receiver to Marubun’s Product Portfolio

Source: PCTEL

PCTEL, Inc., a leading global provider of wireless technology, announced that Marubun, PCTEL’s Master Distributor in Japan, added the Gflex™ scanning receiver to its product portfolio.

Marubun, a company at the forefront of wireless connectivity technologies, is the first PCTEL distributor globally to add the Gflex™ scanning receiver to its product portfolio. “Marubun has a history of anticipating the needs of its customers. We are excited to be working with Marubun to address the next phase of 5G in the Japanese markets, including Private 5G rollouts, In-building deployments, Open RAN architectures, and IoT applications,” said Arnt Arvik, PCTEL's Chief Sales Officer. As a Master Distributor, Marubun has a team dedicated to providing training, support, and sales of PCTEL products to mobile network operators and other customers. Marubun has demonstration units of the Gflex available and carries PCTEL products for quick delivery in Japan.

The Gflex scanning receiver is more powerful, more portable, and more flexible than 5G and mmWave-capable scanners currently in the market. Until now, testing a single operator’s 2G-5G networks could require the use of multiple devices. The Gflex makes drive testing and walk testing more efficient, enabling testing of multiple operators’ networks with a single compact unit.