P25 | 2021-04-06

MERA Retains Federal Engineering for Radio System Implementation Support

Source: FE

Marin County, California. The Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA) has retained the services of Federal Engineering, Inc., (FE) to provide project management and technical support during implementation of their new P25 Phase 2 trunked radio system.

Mr. Rajit Jhaver, FE Director, provided a vignette: ““Federal Engineering has worked with MERA from the initial assessment phase of this project through the procurement of the new radio system. Because of our knowledge of MERA’s needs and environment as well as the procured system, our continued participation will be beneficial as the project moves into implementation. FE’s project management and technical support roles provide continuity to MERA through site construction, equipment fabrication and testing, installation, system testing, cutover, and final acceptance. We will continue to advise and provide information in a timely manner to MERA’s construction management firm as well as help coordinate between radio system vendor activities and construction activities. FE personnel will track and manage both the scope and schedule for the trunked radio system implementation and provide oversight and management of the radio system vendor’s specific activities. We will also provide oversight for the transition from the existing radio system to the new P25 Phase 2 radio system.”