Convergence & Evolution for a Safer World

An Interview with Tiger Lu, CEO, Kirisun Communication on the evolution of radio communications and the future for Kirisun, held at the China Radio Conference, Beijing on 6 & 7 November 2019

At China Radio Conference 2019, Radio China as the official media along with its strategic partner MCCResources speaks to some of the key exhibitors to find out what’s new. Besides the conference agenda, show floor was set up for product and solution providers throughout the two days at Etrong convention center, Beijing on November 6 & 7.


Radio China & MCCResources (RC & MCCR): Kirisun is a veteran player in the traditional PMR industry. What makes Kirisun as it is today and what for the future?

Lu: Kirisun was established in 1986 with the headquarters in Shenzhen, a high-tech city developing rapidly in China, with an excellent ICT industrial ecological chain and rich reserve of talents, which helps greatly with the development of Kirisun. Kirisun invests at least 15% of its revenues each year in R&D, with more than 100 development engineers. With its own patents, Kirisun has developed several industry-leading products, such as the GP700, the first intrinsically safe two-way radio based on a carrier network. Only by continuous innovation and advanced technology can Kirisun survive in the fierce competition. Kirisun has established R&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou in China and in the UK. Meanwhile, Kirisun is also a member of the DMR, dPMR, PDT association.

By virtue of excellent products and services, Kirisun has won more and more share in the domestic market. Meanwhile, it has been providing products and services to more than 80 countries, including US, UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. However, in international markets, good products are far from enough. It requires the manufacturer to respond quickly to customers’ needs in order to enter local markets and to develop marketing channels. To serve customers more quickly and better, Kirisun has already set up local service teams in US, UK, Turkey, Philippines and Russia.

Kirisun insists quality first and focuses on cost-effective products and solutions. We grow up with partners and provide best service to our customers from all the industries. Professionalism, sharing, trust, cooperation are the basic principles for Kirisun standing and prospering in the industry market for now and the future. 

RC & MCCR: Just several days ago the major carriers officially launched their 5G services. In such a context, where does Kirisun see itself in the 5G era?

Lu: Kirisun has its own judgement of the technological evolution. We see more convergence and evolution down the road for private network or PMR users. Kirisun will dig deep into the market segments and customize solutions for transportation, security, firefighting, energy, etc. At Kirisun we say, “Convergence & Evolution for a Safer World”. We will enhance the converged communication technology and ensure the communication for a safer world.

RC & MCCR: What new products does Kirisun bring to this conference?

Lu: Kirisun showcases innovative PoC & converged communication solutions targeted at vertical sectors such as emergency rescue, firefighting, energy, utilities, etc. Kirisun has brought push-to-talk-over-cellular to a new level with intrinsically safe PoC radio GP700 for the industrial users. For DMR radio, we have our flagship models including DR700 single frequency repeater, DP990 professional DMR radio, which was adopted by the Bird’s Nest, the iconic Beijing Olympic stadium. TD80 is our latest dual-mode touch-screen radio, along with DSJ-M9 body worn camera. We are very honored to provider our DMR radios DP405 for the conference to facilitate the event organization.

RC & MCCR: We see many experts from the industries at this conference. What’s Kirisun’s objective of being here?

Lu: We’re expecting to learn and communicate ideas with industry experts, as well as all the excellent enterprises from domestic and overseas, aiming to understand deeper what the industry users are really looking for. Surely, we regard the conference as a good venue to promote our brand and solutions to our potential customers and partners.