BelFone Ad Hoc Solution Transforms Last-mile Emergency Communications

BelFone has been transforming the last-mile emergency communication with its innovative Ad Hoc portable two-way radio BF-TD930.

The radio adopts TDMA modulation and works either in Ad Hoc, trunking, or BelFone customized system mode, which make itself interoperable with communications of different protocols. BF-TD930’s versatility in Ad Hoc networking has won recognition by professionals from public safety, Public Protect and Disaster Relief (PPDR), and industrial sectors.

BF-TD930 adopts multi-hop and multi-stage relay technology, which can easily expand signal coverage, and eliminate communication blind spots. The 5W transmission power enables long-distance calls up to 100 kilometers with multiple hops. Meanwhile, its repeater function enables the portable radio to work as a repeater on the move. Other conventional terminals access the Ad Hoc network with their scanning feature, thus forming a powerful mobile network. Such a solution expands mission critical coverage by 2 to 3 times, compared with traditional two-way radio communications systems.

Compared with single-chip design, its superheterodyne circuit design fulfils better radio frequency performance and stronger anti-interference ability. Depending on the environment, 5W transmission power enables 5-10 kilometers direct-mode communication distance. A single hop transmits across >5KM in urban area, which is far beyond the transmission distance of traditional two-way radios.

BF-TD930 Ad Hoc radio is the best option to replace traditional repeaters and solve signal blind areas that repeaters cannot solve. At the same time, it saves frequency resources and is easy to use, easy to carry, and rapid to deploy. In addition to the Ad Hoc network mode, BF-TD930 supports BelFone’s customized intelligent interconnection mode and DMR/PDT trunking mode. It works with different dispatching systems. BF-TD930 has become a solution for last mile communications in different industries and scenarios, where equipment cost saving is becoming increasingly important.

The rugged design and IP68 protection make it workable in all weather conditions. Besides its full features such as full-duplex call, multiple security warnings, GPS, and AES256/ARC4 encryption, BF-TD930 supports cross-frequency and virtual trunking communications.

BelFone is dedicated to bringing the best out of the evolvement of different communications technologies and presenting customer-oriented solutions that empower users to work with higher efficiency and safety.