START 2022-02-22

END 2022-02-23

Location Kortrijk Expo
City Kortrijk
Country Belgium
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Ever since its foundation in 1995, INFOPOL has evolved from a regional initiative to the showpiece of equipment for police, surveillance and security services for all of the purchase managers and decision makers of Benelux's entire security chain.

Every 2 years, the most specialized companies - ranging from transportation, personal outfitting and armament to communication equipment, robbery prevention and traffic surveillance – present their most recent products and services at INFOPOL.

The fact that INFOPOL enjoys the High Protection of His Royal Majesty, King Philippe and visits form the offical bodies including several Ministers and the appointed commissioner-general of the Belgian Federal Police, are testament to the quality INFOPOL has to offer.

After 5 editions, XPO112 has more than proven its role as a contacts platform for all of the emergency services operating together in the field.At XPO112 all services and products required for an intervention in the case of a disaster, accident, fire or any other emergency are presented, starting from an incoming call at the emergency number 112 to the submission of a patient at emergency care or the neutralization of the disaster.

The simultaneous organisation of both INFOPOL and XPO112 without division and with the representation of the entire product range of both INFOPOL as well as XPO112 on one trading floor of more than 15000m² - creates a unique concept and a strong synergy which allows both groups of the target audience to be introduced to the entire market. Maintaining existing professional contacts AND discovering new business opportunities … ravishing efficiency in an attractive context!