Leonardo’s mission critical command, control and communications ecosystem, secure-by-design

Leonardo has developed a mission critical communications ecosystem that includes its 3GPP-compliant MCX solution, which provides multi-vendor interoperability and a wealth of features, as well as advanced solutions for command and control. These incorporate high levels of cyber resiliency through the company’s secure-by-design approach.

In critical communications, broadband technologies are becoming increasingly important in meeting new operational needs. At the same time, narrowband radio connections remain widespread. During this period of evolution, market leaders are supporting First Responders by providing solutions that can combine and fully integrate narrowband (TETRA and DMR) and broadband (LTE and 5G) technologies. 

Leonardo has developed a complete secure-by-design mission-critical ecosystem and the company’s heterogeneous-network framework enables end users to deploy hybrid systems. Integration capabilities ensure reliable radio communications and full functional interoperability.

Leonardo’s MCX is a complete 3GPP-compliant solution that offers a high degree of flexibility, multi-vendor interoperability and a wealth of features, modelled on First Responders’ needs. It provides a high degree of scalability and supports interoperability with narrowband networks, ensuring a fully-integrated, multi-technology solution and a smooth evolution path from narrowband to broadband.

Leonardo’s mission-critical ecosystem also includes X-2030, an advanced solution for Command and Control. This delivers improved situational awareness to operators by incorporating new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, analytics and business intelligence, building an intuitive and efficient decision support environment.

Today, for mission critical and business critical users, the control room is the point of convergence for all of the information being collected by sensors in the field. Here, the core requirement is to be able to extract relevant information from a vast and varied collection of data, enabling operators to make informed and timely decisions.

Leonardo_MCXWith established expertise in cyber security, Leonardo underpins its critical communication ecosystem with a comprehensive secure-by-design approach. Cyber resilience has emerged as an urgent need in professional communications, especially when considering that hybrid infrastructures employing multiple technologies and a mix of private and commercial networks are exposed to more threats.

Given this context, it is also important for organisations and operators to develop the necessary skills to recognise, understand and confront cyber threats. Leonardo’s Cyber & Security Academy, the company’s advanced training centre for cyber and physical security, benefits from the experience gained by Leonardo in providing physical and cyber protection for critical infrastructure in more than 150 countries. At the Academy, specialists can consolidate their ability to prevent, detect and manage security incidents through immersive training courses enhanced with "human factors". The Academy makes use of proprietary Leonardo platforms including its Cyber Range and Cyber Trainer.

Today more than 50 countries choose Leonardo’s critical communications solutions to protect people and places. With its mission critical and business critical solutions for radio communications, Leonardo contributes to global safety by supporting First Responders, Utilities, Critical Infrastructure and Law Enforcement Agencies in both day-to-day operations and emergencies.