Maximise Public Safety Operations Using Over The Air Programming

Find out more about the significant operational advantages of Over The Air Programming.

Critical communications users are increasingly being challenged for resources and time, and now with additional logistical challenges from the coronavirus outbreak.

Lengthy, resource-heavy but essential procedures such as re-programming radios – which involves the radios being extensively handled by multiple users – can now be simplified using advanced programming tools.

Sepura are the first manufacturer to bring Over The Air Programming (OTAP) to TETRA radios, enabling organisations to simply and efficiently programme fleets of radios using a secure Wi-Fi network, whilst also reducing manual handling and the administration burden on programmers, and removing the need for radios to be returned to base for reprogramming.

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Simple, Efficient Deployment

Using an enhanced version of Radio Manager 2, users can create batch updates for both wired and wireless downloads, which can be deployed in tandem. The common batch process and familiar deployment process means upgrading to OTAP is a simple and efficient process, with minimal additional training requirements.

Enhancing Operations

OTAP enables significant operational advantages:

  • downloading applications to radios via Sepura’s AppSPACE applications environment
  • sharing key operational information, such as images, direct to radios
  • download updated radio configuration, license files, updated phonebook or other key updates to each device
  • enabling synchronised fleet upgrades, avoiding operational issues that may arise due to out-of-step configuration between radios
  • increasing administrators visibility of their radio fleet, identifying “at risk” radios that have been inactive for an extended period

 Secure Connection

OTAP requires a secure, authenticated connection using WPA2 with a choice of personal or enterprise authentication. This provides data encryption, data integrity and authentication, ensuring that your connection with the radio is secure.

Minimise Operational Downtime

Downloads to the radio do not interrupt on-going TETRA communication and do not require user intervention. Users continue their duties with full radio service while downloads run as a background task. Once downloaded, the user is still in control and can trigger the installation process the next time the radio is switched off.

Available now on Sepura’s SC Series Radios

OTAP is available on Sepura’s market leading SC Series hand-portable and mobile radios, enabling those already benefitting from these radios’ advanced features to have a further operational advantage.

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