Selecom installs 900MHz radio communication system at Gouvaes power station

Source: Selecom

Selecom, a manufacturer of electronic equipment for use in confined and harsh environment recently installed a 900MHz radio communication system at Gouvaes power station in Portugal. Despite environmental constraints, the company has been able to provide a system, from the Optirep range, deployed in a scalable and remotely manageable version. The installed 900MHz system allows workers, when they are inside the tunnel, to receive or exchange information each other or with entities located outside the tunnel by using radio links. The solution will evolve to the 800MHz band with a service extension to the other plant installations with the main operators MEO, NOS and VODAFONE.

The Gouvaes hydro-electric project includes the exploratory tunnel and the access to the sub-cavity of the hydroelectric power station with a range section of 8.0m and a variable height from 8 to 10m. Within the tunnel, any radio communication is inefficient because the environment is harsh and confined. Consequently, the workers are isolated and they cannot communicate with each other if a problem occurs.