Saratoga County, New York, goes live with full suite of interoperable CentralSquare public safety enterprise

Source: CentralSquare

CentralSquare, a leader in public sector software, announced that the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office launched the full suite of CentralSquare Public Safety Enterprise (powered by Inform) on Friday, March 1. This launch connects Saratoga’s system with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and Rensselaer County Bureau of Public Safety, both of whom are already using their CentralSquare systems. As a result, a community of nearly one million residents is served by a tri-county network of agencies that shares data in real time and on the same platform.

In selecting CentralSquare 911, CAD, Mobile and Records, the three counties are leveraging the benefits of a common, unified system from a company with extensive experience in regional implementations. This collaboration results in better data-sharing capabilities, system redundancy and long- and short-term cost savings – benefits that will have lasting, positive impacts on public safety services and community safety. For example, the shared 911 and CAD system leads to faster, more coordinated response and ensures system redundancy. Should one county’s system go down, calls can be routed to one of the other counties for dispatch. Also, with shared data coordination across jurisdictions, each agency has greater insight into incidents that often cross county lines. Not only does the shared system lead to faster response and better coordination, it has the potential to deliver significant savings to taxpayers as agencies share the costs of maintaining fewer systems within the region.