Orion Labs announces Public Safety Alliances with ResponderXLabs and the FirstNet Association

Source: www.businesswire.com

Orion Labs announced strategic public safety alliances with ResponderXLabs and the FirstNet Association (FNA). Orion is committed to improving communication and workflows for public safety. These partnerships establish Orion as the next generation platform for real-time push-to-talk (PTT) and voice communication for first responders worldwide. ResponderXLabs fosters a community of innovation to support the growing importance of technology in the public safety sector by showcasing cutting-edge technology specifically curated to solve first responders’ needs. The FirstNet Association is dedicated to the public safety ecosystem that brings together end users of the FirstNet network and those responsible for its continued development, evolution, and maintenance. Orion provides powerful, interoperable, and integrated push-to-talk and voice communication services so that public safety teams can address complex challenges, maintain situational awareness, and stay in sync anywhere.

“It is critical that the advances in mobile, wearable, and voice technologies quickly reach the millions of people who serve and support public safety organizations every day,” said Jesse Robbins, Founder & CEO of Orion Labs. “ResponderXLabs and the FirstNet Association are dedicated to improving and accelerating innovation, adoption of new technologies, and the creation of a new technology ecosystem that serves first responders. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with these organizations on this important mission and grateful for their support.”