Hytera opposes injunctive request, says Motorola Solutions ‘seeks to monopolize the market’

Source: UrgentComm

Hytera Communications asked a federal judge to deny the Motorola Solutions request to block Hytera from selling the bulk of its DMR product portfolio, noting that a potential injunction would amount to “double recovery” on top of a $764.6 million jury verdict and would hand Motorola Solutions monopoly power that would harm consumers. Hytera filed these claims in response to the Motorola Solutions application for a temporary restraining order (TRO) that would prevent Hytera from selling DMR products that use trade secrets and copyrighted software code that was stolen by Hytera employees while working previously for Motorola Solutions. If granted, the Motorola Solutions TRO would block Hytera sales and distribution of these “accused products” for 14 days, during which the terms of a permanent worldwide injunction against Hytera would be established.

“Motorola’s motivation behind seeking this injunction is transparent,” according to a Hytera filing in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. “Motorola seeks to monopolize the market, allowing it to raise prices and harm customers … Motorola’s ultimate goal to remove Hytera from the market will have anticompetitive implications around the world that need to be considered in full.”