Ericsson and Capgemini combine to drive private LTE and 5G deals for operators

Source: Ericsson

Telecoms vendor Ericsson has teamed up with consultancy Capgemini to offer network operators support in supplying private LTE and 5G network solutions to enterprises. Telia in Sweden is the first to sign up. The trio have signed a memorandum of understanding to identify, analyze, and carry out “joint commercial” private networking projects in the Scandinavian market. “These projects are designed to capture business opportunities involving digitalization and new digital services using dedicated 3GPP mobile networks,” said Ericsson. Ericsson cited potential projects in mining, railways, airports, seaports, manufacturing, and hospitals.

Private networks can use licensed, unlicensed and, in some countries, shared spectrum in the 3.5-4.2GHz and 5GHz bands. Regulators have been releasing spectrum to both traditional mobile network operators and specialist service providers, and in some countries to local industries and enterprises. These moves have helped to accelerate the deployment of private networks.