Dutch parliament wants its public safety services to stop using Chinese software

Source: NL Times

A majority of the lower house of Dutch parliament is very concerned about the communication system for the emergency services and police C2000, which is provided by a Chinese company. "Our communication systems must never be unnecessarily vulnerable", the VVD said. The ruling party and opposition parties GroenLinks, SP and PVV therefore call for the Netherlands to stop using Chinese software for vital infrastructure, RTL Nieuws reports. According to the VVD and GroenLinks, a lot has changed since the contract for the communication system was partly awarded to a Chinese company in 2015. Last year intelligence service AIVD warned that China is undertaking espionage activities in the Netherlands. And the Dutch government warned against Chinese espionage via the new 5G network. During a trade visit to China earlier this year, Dutch officials were warned to only take 'empty' phones and laptops, with no sensitive data, with them.

D66 parliamentarian Kees Verhoeven thinks that the parties are going too far. "It sees that the parties want to keep out Chinese companies, with out clear and objective preconditions. That does not make sense."