BLiNQ Networks Announces FCC Part 96 / CBRS Certification for their Category 6 CBRS CPE the BLiNQ FWC-110-35 & FWC-110HG-35

Source: BLiNQ Networks

BLiNQ Networks, a leading North American manufacturer of CBRS fixed and mobile wireless equipment, announced that their LTE CAT6 CPE is now FCC Part 96 / CBRS certified for the US market. The BLiNQ FWC-110-35 & FWC-110HG-35 now joins the rest of the BLiNQ CBRS Certified product family. BLiNQ Networks has been providing CBRS equipment to a large number of fixed and mobile operators for CBRS trials and Initial Commercial Deployments since December of 2018. BLiNQ Networks unique combination of fully integrated, CBRS certified, multi-sector LTE base stations and high gain CPE have been providing superior wireless performance to wireless service providers, both large and small around the globe.

“This is an exciting turning point for the BLiNQ CBRS product family. BLiNQ Networks full suite of CBRS certified products, combined with the full commercial launch of CBRS means that operators large and small now have access to both cost-effective advanced wireless equipment and reliable, cost-effective spectrum,” stated Patrick Buthmann, Vice President Sales & Business Development of BLiNQ Networks