Axon launches mobile App for body camera with remote livestreaming and critical real-time alerts

Source: Axon

Axon announced the industry's first real-time mobile application that allows law enforcement to use a mobile device to remotely view live streamed Axon Body 3 camera or Axon Air drone footage. Axon Aware uniquely empowers responding officers to connect with support teams in real-time, both when they proactively ask for help to "watch their back," and driven by signal alerts within the Axon network. Starting today, the Aware mobile app brings these same real-time benefits directly to the mobile devices of other critical support team members such as sergeants and commanders, regardless of where they are or what they are busy with at the moment. Using Axon's Signal technology, an alert is sent to the mobile app when a firearm is removed from an officer's holster or a TASER device is armed. The live stream of the body camera or drone footage can be accessed remotely and can help the support team learn more about the officer's location and situation as it unfolds, allowing everyone to make more informed decisions about what resources and support to provide.

Aware has already proven to be a game changer for early adopters, such as the Cincinnati Police Department, which is using live-streaming capability to provide real-time intelligence to their crime center