Amphenol Procom Introduce New Space-Saving Combiners for VHF & UHF Bands

Source: Procom UK

With the increasing need to optimize usage of every antenna mast, more and more signals are being combined at the base station radio site. Fitting this large amount of combining/radio equipment into the available racking is a constant challenge for the radio installer/integrator. Amphenol Procom is now addressing this challenge by introducing their new innovative Ultra Compact PRO-HDAR Combiner range, featuring a 33% reduction in required rack space.

The new PRO-HDAR combiners are supplied in a single 19 inch 2HU tray format housing a hybrid Tx combiner, active Rx multicoupler with band pass Rx pre-selector & duplexer. Unlike the existing PROCOM HDAR 3HU combining range, the new PRO-HDAR units also include a built-in low noise AC PSU. Other changes are the addition of a lid, making the unit more secure and robust. The PRO-HDAR combiners are available as 2, 3 and 4 channel solutions in both VHF & UHF bands.