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POCSTARS Delivers On-premises Push-to-talk System to Marriott Hotel

Lte | 2022-06-20

POCSTARS, a world leading Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution provider, recently has completed the deployment of an on-premises PoC system with its advanced MiniServer for a Marriott Hotel in South America.

Inrico Launches New PoC Radio - T710A

Lte | 2022-06-02

Over 4G and WLAN networks, the T710A PoC radio well combines instant group communications and multimedia applications.

Hytera Introduces PNC360S PoC Radio

Lte | 2022-05-27

In an effort to simplify business communications, Hytera has introduced the PNC360S, a smart PoC radio.

POCSTARS Sees Record Growth in Overseas Markets

Lte | 2022-05-20

POCSTARS has been focusing on developing PoC platform for 12 years and currently accounts for 60-70% in China market

Philippine Police Push-To-Talk with Inrico Radios during Presidential Election

Lte | 2022-05-20

Inrico provided PNP a complete communication system, including PoC radios and accessories, PTT APP, and dispatch console to enable reliable team communications.

Reading Half Marathon 2022 Keeps Going with Caltta eChat Communications Solution

Lte | 2022-04-26

eChat utilizes the carriers’ 3G/4G/Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide wide coverage and unlimited channels and free users from traditional PMR networks’ limited coverage and capacity.

Harrisma Has Been Named The Sole Distributor of Hytera PoC Radio in Indonesia

Lte | 2022-04-04

Hytera officially appointed top-tier IT distributor Harrisma as its sole distributor of Hytera push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radios in Indonesia.

Inrico Donates Radios to Communities Amid Campaigns Against COVID-19

Lte | 2022-04-01

Inrico, a leading provider of professional wireless communications solutions, donated a batch of Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) radios to communities of Luohu district, Shenzhen, where it is headquartered.

POCSTARS Delivers PoC System to Large International Airport in Asia

Lte | 2022-03-17

The whole system passed all the tests and was formally put into use in February 2022, facilitating seamless communications among the staff of airlines, airport services, and the control center.

Hytera Products for Secure Communications Endorsed by Multiple National Pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai

Lte | 2022-03-14

There are more than 200 participants including nations, multilateral organizations, businesses and educational institutions.

Hytera Headlines as a Gold Sponsor at BAPCO 2022 Exhibition


BAPCO continues to be the UK’s most important event for the public safety technology sector with its platform for professionals to exchange and learn about the latest innovations and developments.

Real Estate Giant Adopts Inrico Wireless Communication Solutions

Lte | 2022-02-21

The system plays an essential role in facilitating property management and service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

POCSTARS Chairman Discloses Growth Figures During Holiday Dinner Party Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Lte | 2022-02-17

During his speech at the party, Chairman Louis Rong said POCSTARS is proud to serve more than 70% of the Chinese PoC communications market while overseas market share is growing rapidly.

Inrico Radios Facilitate Wildlife Saving after Oil Spill Along Peruvian Coast

Lte | 2022-02-15

Inrico’s donation enables 4X4 team to have its own PTT (push-to-talk) fleet that works across wide areas as far as the mobile carrier network covers.

Beijing Winter Olympics Security Forces Select POCSTARS Push-to-talk Solution

Lte | 2022-01-14

Being able to provide PoC services for this event’s security forces is another strong reference of the versatility and security of POCSTARS’ solution.

RugGear Launches MCPTT Capable Rugged Smartphone

Lte | 2021-12-27

The company just launched the Ultra Rugged RG530 PTT device that has been developed with extreme environments in mind.

Reading Half Marathon 2021 Runs Smoothly with Caltta Push-to-talk System

Lte | 2021-11-30

To ensure the smooth running of this event, Caltta and JustCom started on-site tests a few days before the event and adjusted the entire eChat system for optimum use.

Hytera Supports 2021 PAFC International Vertical Marathon Masters with PoC Communications

Lte | 2021-11-24

The event was completed successfully in the Ping An Finance Center of Shenzhen, the fourth-tallest landmark in the world.

New Jersey EMS Volunteers Push-to-talk with Inrico

Lte | 2021-11-12

HWOL needed a lower-cost and reliable communications infrastructure that could be quickly scaled as the organization expanded.

Riedel Supports Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as Sponsor and Radio Communications Provider


Riedel Communications today announced that the company is an official sponsor of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.