TETRA-Gateway combines the digital paging network with the new TETRA network. Alarms are generated by sending a status or short data service message to the paging network via the Gateway.

The TETRA-Gateway connects the existing digital paging network with the new TETRA network. An alarm is generated by sending a status- or SDS-message (short data service) to the gateway which transmits the message through the paging network.

The gateway application performs the following actions after a message has arrived:

  • Latching the status- or SDS-message
  • Checking that the originator is approved to generate an alarm
  • Reformat the alarm text into POCSAG code
  • Send a confirmation to the originator even if the message could not get through

The basic version of the TETRA-Gateway has the following main features and functions:
  • RS-232 serial interface for TETRA radio
  • RS-232 serial interface to the POCSAG paging system
  • Gateway can also connected direct to the TETRA switch
  • Customisable database