Telex Radio Dispatch Introduces New Software and Interface Platform

Source: TELEX

elex is pleased to announce the next generation of its flagship C-Soft dispatch control software and IP-224 radio gateway interface platforms. C-Soft v7.3 and IP-224 firmware v2.3 significantly extend the optional capabilities of the current platforms while retaining their proven reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. The DMR AIS interface option utilizes the AIS standard as specified by the DMR Association and provides a direct IP connection between the dispatch system and the radio system infrastructure. A wide range of functions are supported, including alert call, broadcast call, emergency call, GPS, group call, radio check, radio enable/disable, remote monitor, status, text messaging, and more. Supported repeaters include Tait DMR trunking and Hytera conventional. The DMR AIS interface doesn’t lock customers into a single vendor radio solution and enhances throughput of the radio system.

Encryption capability is becoming a requirement of more and more dispatch systems. C-Soft v7.3 supports DES and AES 256-bit encryption utilizing FIPS 140-2 validated encryption module for P25 DFSI conventional wireline interfacing (Direct IP) between C-Soft and P25 repeaters. Users can rest assured their critical communications are secure from end-to-end. No other dispatch software on the market offers this level of secure communications at this price point.