STC Specialized launches 'TETRA communications in Jubail and Ras al Khair'

Source: STC Specialized

Saudi Arabia's Public Telecommunication Company STC specialized, formerly known as BRAVO, organized its technology day on the 9th January in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. During that day, CEO Dr. Fahad Al Mushayt 'launched TETRA in Jubail and Ras al Khair'. Ras Al-Khair is a town and port currently under development on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia 60 km north of Jubail. It is also known under its project name of "Minerals Industrial City". During the event, STC showcased its TETRA solutions and smart meter solutions and presented a comparison of TETRA technology against other critical communication technologies such as P25.

STC Specialized is composed of smart business alliances and investments to bring to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia state- of-the-art wireless communication technologies, services, and plans with global standards to accelerate business operations on every level. The company is characterized by offering diverse and unique services in the Kingdom to provide instant group communications, through the latest technologies and networks of the highest quality and safety standards, such as TETRA networks, and Push to Talk -PTT wireless technology.