Lte | 2018-11-27

Airbus-Samsung Cooperation in Germany sets the Course for Hybrid Mission-Critical Innovations

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Partners intend to develop a “Hybrid Tactical Management” for narrow- and broadband systems to facilitate end user´s operations with devices.

Airbus and Samsung have agreed on a partnership to establish next-generation terminal and collaboration platforms for professional users in Germany. This solution intends to facilitate German public safety’s future multimedia communications. Both partners will use their competencies in order to create secure end-to-end solutions based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies.

As police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and industrial workers expect secure and easy-to-use multimedia communication tools, when they transmit photos, video and complex data through their devices. The Airbus-Samsung “Hybrid Tactical Management” can integrate rapidly-evolving applications, smartphone technologies and Tetra networks. “Tactical” means that user organisations are completely in control of who will be authorised to communicate with what kind of application. As a result, the partnership paves the way for multimedia mission-critical communication.

“Today´s BOS public safety digital radio network in Germany is shared by a large number of user organisations with diversified needs and processes. It requires a transparent Hybrid Tactical Management and user equipment fitting in the structure of the German public safety system,” says Markus Kolland, CEO of Airbus Secure Land Communications GmbH in Germany. “Together with Samsung, Airbus aims to move into a new era of mission-critical communications in Germany and Europe.”

“In the coming years, Samsung expects a strong demand for professional communication systems which integrate various and customized features,” says Tuncay Sandikci, Director Enterprise Business of Samsung Electronics in Germany. “By doing so, we will use Samsung Knox for the cooperation. It is our platform for security which has been specifically designed for the professional use of mobile devices. With this product in hand, other devices can be centrally administered, updated and controlled.”

The partnership with Samsung contributes to the long-term goal of the Airbus business unit Secure Land Communications (SLC) to create secure and professional platforms allowing organisations to operate applications for the transparent usage of Tetra, LTE and 5G technologies.

Under the theme “Intelligence Shared”, SLC aims to leverage technological breakthroughs to offer cutting-edge solutions that help process vast data and information, deploy this information on the field and enable efficient secure communication for the coming decades.