Tetra | Lte | 2018-01-08

EMYNOS Pilot Connects Next Gen. Emergency Services Communications with the Control Room

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The EMYNOS pilot took place at the premises of the Austrian Red Cross- Regional branch Steiermark, on 20th December 2017and gathered representatives from different sectors, ranging from end users to members of the telecommunication ́s industry.

During the pilot, different use cases were presented, allowing the participants to experience the applications developed by EMYNOS.

The pilot, taking place within the system of the Austrian Red Cross, demonstrated the application of next generation emergency services technology as well as their integration with the current emergency call centers’ systems. This particular event showed IP based emergency calls, supported by other features such as audio, video, real-time text, accurate location and sensor data.

At the end of the demonstration, a discussion took place between the participant and  EMYNOS partners, on the future of the next generation of emergency communications. The distribution of questionnaires allowed EMYNOS partners to collect further useful feedback from attendees.

According to EMYNOS, the pilot was a starting point for further activities in the context of research, development, integration and testing of Next Generation emergency services. The pilot was also seen as an incentive to the regulators and end users to respectively enforce the necessary policies and speed up the deployment of such services.