Novadem will launch new tethered drone to support French army, navy as well as NATO and France’s national police.

Source: DoneLife

In April, French drone company Novadem will unleash it newest tethered UAV platform, the NXWIRE 2.0 at AUVSI XPONENTIAL, the largest UAS trade show that brings together more than 8,500 unmanned systems industry leaders. A second-generation tethered system, NXWIRE 2.0 offers several new features: Ground-based power supply that can be connected to a main supply or auxiliary power unit, a 50-meter cable to sustain electrical power from the ground to the drone and Replacement of the battery with an embedded module that integrates an electromechanical mechanism (allowing the tethered cable to release if necessary — Novadem’s NX70 can then fly around 20 minutes once untethered).

Novadem has already garnered several government contracts for its untethered UAV solutions, including agreements with the French army and navy as well as NATO and France’s National Police.