ICOM UK releases new innovative BC-226 multi charger

Source: ICOM UK

A flexible and innovative new charging pod has been introduced to support Icom’s new IDAS digital series of handheld radios. The BC-226 charging pod can not only be used to charge one radio, it can also be connected to form a multi charger with a combination of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pods. By simply sliding off the sides of each pod, you can slot them together in a daisy chain via pin connectors on each charger providing a strong, sturdy product. The BC-226 charges a BP-290 lithium-ion battery in 2.7 hours (approx.) A BC-228 power supply unit (also pictured above) must be used when linking pods for multi-charging capabilities.

The BC-226 multi charger can be used with IC-F62D and IC-F4400D IDAS digital two way radio series and is now available for purchase from your local Icom dealer.