Icom support SUNUS ocean racing circumnavigation record attempt

Source: Icom UK

Icom UK are proud to support the SUNUS Ocean Racing team in their efforts to break the current speed record for the fastest circumnavigation of the British Isles. This will be a journey of over 2000 miles with the team planning to only stop for refuelling, working day and night with no sleep or rest for up to 73 hours, operating at speeds of over 45 knots. To aide them in their efforts, where safety will be essential, Icom have supplied SUNUS Ocean Racing with IC-M35 VHF marine transceiver handhelds.

Race director Tom Montgomery-Swan stated “The IC-M35 will be paramount for personnel safety. If a crew member ends up in the water, they have the communications to help contact support or the coastguard. Icom are the leading manufactures in maritime radio communications and I need the most reliable kit on board, so I have complete and utter trust and confidence. The Icom brand doesn’t let people down and is always reliable so it makes sense to use the Icom IC-M35’s”.