FHOOSH debuts secure mobile data live streaming at Verizon and Nokia Operation Convergent Response Event

Source: FHOOSH

Cybersecurity innovator FHOOSH™, Inc. has teamed with Verizon to showcase extremely fast data protection soluts ionat the Verizon and Nokia-led Operation Convergent Response 2018 (#OCR2018) crisis simulation event at the Guardian Centers this week. In addition to showing FHOOSH data protection and secure live streaming from Internet of Things (IoT) and Microsoft Windows devices in the emergency exercises, FHOOSH is revealing new Android secure real-time data transmission capabilities designed to work with Verizon 4GLTE and 5G networks.

FHOOSH is building on its #OCR2017 participation and strengthening its cybersecurity strategic alliance with Verizon by demonstrating its solutions in a number of event scenarios and on several device platforms. In the earthquake and active shooter simulations, FHOOSH software helps first responders assess damage and convey critical information by streaming AES256-bit secured HD video and data in real time from Android mobile phones, from ruggedized Windows tablets and from IoT camera-equipped robots and drones to a command-and-control center. Scenario emergency responders using FHOOSH in hazardous settings can also rely on its extremely fast point-to-point data transfer to make decisions when time is of the essence.