FalTech GPS To Attend British APCO Annual Conference

Source: GPS Repeaters

For the fifth year running, FalTech GPS announced that it will be exhibiting at the BAPCO annual exhibition and conference in Coventry on 20 & 21 March 2018. FalTech will be at this year’s annual exhibition with its equipment supplier, Roger-GPS, the market-leading manufacturer of GPS repeater systems based in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2012, FalTech has supplied and installed over 300 GPS repeater systems in fire and police stations across the UK.

When inside a fire station, the mobile data terminal (MDT) installed on most appliances will not receive a GPS signal due to the blocking effect of the building structure. This means that when the MDT transmits its location to the command and control centre, the data is stale and indicates the location when the appliance last had sky-view – just before it entered the fire station. However, the real problems begin when the appliance leaves the station because it can take several minutes for the MDT (and satnav devices if present) to re-acquire a GPS fix. A GPS repeater system installed in a fire station ensures that MDTs and satnav devices receive live satellite signals at all times.