FalconSmart Technologies Announces FalconKit for FirstNet Network Build and Optimization

Source: FalconSmart

FalconSmart Technologies, a leader in Network Engineering and Optimization Software and Tools, announced the launch of FalconKit for FirstNet project in North America. This advanced Samsung S9 based solution incorporates many industry leading innovations, including live monitoring of layer 3 data, the capability to add up to 15 User Equipment (UEs) and scanners, an instant-report module for in-field reporting plus many other advanced features. The solution is fully integrated with FalconONE, the cloud platform for remote monitoring, management and data analysis which offers the same level of rich information as the person on the field.

"With the launch of FalconKit for FirstNet, we will be able to deliver real value and innovation to network engineering services companies - just as FirstNet projects are starting to rollout. Our teams worked closely with our customers to integrate advanced features that ensure superior delivery at reduced costs, we have already received a number of pre-orders for FalconKit and are in in the process of delivering the first batch in early May," said Amit Verma, CTO of FalconSmart