Dubai Police ties up with Indian startup for AI-based solution on ‘predictive policing’

Source: thehindubusinessline

Dubai Police has signed an MoU with Indian startup, Staqu Technologies, for its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solution on ‘predictive policing’. This concept revolves around utilising AI tools for curbing crime before it occurs through practices that can analyse huge amounts of data from different sources in real-time and generate decision metrics. The Dubai Police aims to curb violent crime by 25 per cent by 2021. The Gurugram-based firm’s Artificial Intelligence-Based Human Efface Detection (ABHED) enables police to digitise criminal and missing persons’ records and retrieve this information in real-time. This radical disruption helps the security forces track down suspects and prevent crime before it occurs.

The solutions are packaged in superior AI software that can be integrated with Smart Glasses, empowering security forces to scan a crowd through image search and look for any miscreants, terrorists or criminals.