Drone Harmony App Makes Cell-Tower Inspections Safer

Source: Drone Harmony

Drone Harmony has developed Cell Tower Scan, an Android app that uses the company’s UAV planning framework to complete cell-tower inspections in 5-10 minutes using quadcopters. The framework includes a scene-centered workflow, a full 3D planning environment and obstacle avoidance.

Drone Harmony Chief Scientist David Adjiashvili explains: “In a nutshell, we have made it as easy as possible for the pilot to obtain the quality data that is needed for this task. The flight plans in Drone Harmony are generated automatically and are tailored to a rough 3D model of the inspected tower. The model can be either imported, or easily constructed in the application using a simple wizard. Obstacles can also be included in the model and the generated plans avoid these obstacles automatically. Every step of the simple setup procedure is visualized in 3D, so there is very little uncertainty, or room for error. Finally, the app flies the drone automatically.”