Bittium exhibits new Bittium Tough SDRâ„¢ tactical radios

Source: Bittium

Bittium exhibits new Bittium Tough SDR tactical radios and launches Bittium Tough VoIP Softphone software product at the Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, France on June 11-15, 2018. In addition, Bittium will showcase Software Defined Radio based Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ system for forming a wireless broadband network, Bittium Tough Comnode™ terminal and Bittium Tough VoIP™ products for versatile IP-based data transfer and VoIP calls, as well as the secure and strong Bittium Tough Mobile 4G LTE smartphone and related high security software products.

The Bittium Tough SDR product family of tactical radios consists of Bittium Tough SDR Handheld™, tactical handheld radio for individual soldiers, and Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular™, tactical radio for vehicle installations. The radios can flexibly use the most appropriate waveform with the best fit considering the conditions and the mission, such as Bittium TAC WIN Waveform™, ESSOR HDRWF waveform and Bittium Narrowband Waveform™.