Critical Communications Russia

START 2018-04-05

END 2018-04-05

Location Moscow Marriott Hotel
City Moscow
Country Russia
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Innovative digital technologies and services, integrated control, management and security systems capable to remain functional in any emergency have become an important pillar of sustainable development of the government, society and businesses. State-of-the-art systems have a number of benefits: high connection speed, quality of data transfer, and security. This is why in the past few years the Critical Communications industry has expanded beyond its traditional scope into other domains of ICT.

The main task of Critical Communications today is to enable smart digital facilities and systems to ensure round-the-clock control and instant effective emergency response and safety of citizens and organizations.

An essential element of such systems is innovative digital technologies and services that allow collection, transfer, storage and processing of critical information. The new paradigm of digital smart facilities and professional systems is the central talking point the industry. Critical Communications Russia 2018 will be dedicated to topical issues of public security at large events and industrial facilities, situation centres at governor offices, transmission of alarm signals on threats relating to actual or potential emergency situations (actual or technogenic), implementation of single emergency number 112 throughout the Russian Federation, and etc.

Key topics of the Conference:

  • Innovative digital technologies serving the government, business and society
  • Top-down approach to critical communications between security organizations as a driver of digital ecosystem
  • Smart video surveillance and image recognition systems for the security of citizens and businesses
  • Distributed situation centres as foundation of digital transformation in government control
  • Alert systems: integration and cooperation between different level alert systems, outlook for KSION (National alert system)
  • Evolution of “Safe City” hardware and software complex in the 2020 perspective
  • From 112 to safe region, optimization of complex safety systems
  • Situation centre as a universal tool to control and monitor constituent regions of the Russian Federation
  • Digital PMR solutions for public security and industries
  • Use of satellite systems for emergency response and organization of communications in emergency and technogenic disaster locations
  • Outlook for implementation of LTE technologies for purposes of critical communications in Russia and worldwide

ComNews invites Russian corporations, members of the Critical Communications market, regulators engaged in innovative development, ICT, civil defense and emergency response, prompt medical assistance, Public Safety Answering Points, situation centres and etc. to participate in Critical Communications Russia 2018, and discuss topical issues of innovative digital technologies critical to national and business security with industry experts.