LTE in Public Safety Networks

START 2018-02-06

END 2018-02-07

City London
Country United Kingdom
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Public Safety bodies around the world are looking to deploy networks using the LTE standard, to replace aging infrastructure based on TETRA, PMR, and P25. LTE has much to recommend it in this role, but “standard” LTE systems lack key functionality that is required to replace the legacy public safety networks.

At the end of this programme you'll be able to:

  • Explain the advantages of using LTE in public safety networks
  • Recommend deployment strategies for public safety networks
  • Make well-grounded judgements regarding the limitations of LTE technology, and how those might impact operational efficiency
  • Identify the industry initiatives pushing LTE into public safety applications
  • Establish the political and commercial imperatives behind the push towards LTE
  • Evaluate the best technology for specific public safety applications
  • Identify the key players in the public safety industry, and how their agendas impact the technology debate